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DAY 4 (2012.10.06)

I'm back came to Osaka :) so excited today, a long waited for a year ago!
Tonight Nothing's Carved In Stone (or they called self is nashingusuinstone) will perf. at なんばHatch!
I can see abang-abang finally can't wait for it~

Arrived at Umeda station around 05.30 am (JPT) brrrrr, so cold~
And I must go to なんばStation to meet one of nihonjin friend (let's call her) A-さん。
We promised meet at Information Center Namba (the exactly location is inside of なんばStation) , on 09.30 am (JPT)

And right now still 6.00 am (JPT) Oh my... what should I do again ....
Anyway I need to pee, brush my teeth, wash my face, etc. Looking for toilet... doko-doko-doko
Oh grrrrr... the toilet is still close, will open on 08.00 am (JPT) What 2 hours for wait agrhhh.....

Ah~whatever, I took some picture to killing time,

^bagus ya,... gag kaya disini :3

^Di dalam station pun dan sekitarnya juga pada belom buka~

^Tower dan Muji , masih tutup (yaiyalah (>,<))

^Dan ini katanya gedung Theater Kabuki (lagi di renovasi), keren ya di tengah kota, ada bangunan megah bergaya tradisional disandingkan dengan station kereta yang modern <3

^Di sekitar Sation banyak Taxi yang pada manggal, dan ini udah mulai terang~

Bored stay sit in front of Station, I tried to explore back of the building,

Mocomichi! Langitnya bagusssss <3 dan 22 °C brrrrr~

Baguskan langitnya :) Namba Parks ?

^Ryoko Hirosue <3

^OUTRAGE BEYOND, Ryo Kase <3 <3 <3
Pngen nonton saat itu juga, cuma gda subtittlenya pasti... lupakan *mayun

Masuk ke dalam Namba Park, ini gedung arsiterknya lucu, dibawahnya ada pertokoan juga, rata-rata belum pada buka, tapi ada satu pintu yang udah diantriin banyak orang, ngapain yes?

Selesai jalan-jalan di Namba Park, balik lagi ke Station,
Syukurlah udah jam 8 lewatan, toilet udah di buka~ Legaaaa *lol*
Dan karena masih lama nunggu temen, duduk lagu di tempat semula,

^udah agak rame

And finally 9.30 am, I walk to Osaka Information Center Namba. Ah I see a tall girl wearing glasses with pixie hair and the fashion is so cool! I love it, and this is the 1st time I see her officially (I always chat/email with her without knowing how her look). Pretty & fashionable!
Nice to meet you A-さん。:) :) :)
1st I know her via Pupe ,we love talks about cat, my interest with Japanese Music and of course Blue Samurai (Japan Football Nation Club). That's how we connect till now, even both of us not play pupe anymore, we still keep in touch, thank you A-さん。
Next We searching of what should we eat 1st, (She not have much time to meet me, we don't have much time to spent), it's quite hard coz some shop that She recomended not open yet. But Yatta~ We found it~
She order 1 big enough, takoyaki (this plate be divided to 3 part, or 3 different taste of takoyaki and each part add 6 big takoyaki!)
We chat, even not smoothly (I nervous, and We pronounce not good each other *lol*) we used paper and pen XD~
I gave her my little omiyage, and She give me Alot!!!!!! Oh my I can't believe it! Why she is so nice *tears~
The takoyaki almost finisth, remaining 3 pieces again, then the waiterss come give us the new one.
A-さん ordered the 2nd one and she said "don't worry as you know, I eat a lot" oh right XDDD~

Finisihed, we walked around, and one by one some store is open already and we go in :D
On 11.00 am (JPT) The time is coming, She had to go, previously she accompany me to Starbucks.
(because after meet A-さん, I'll meet another nihonjin friend, and we promised should meet at Starbucks)
She bought coffee and talk a bit then say bai-bai... ah..... Thank you for the omiyage, treat me takoyaki & miss you already A-さん~

Not a long time for wait, S-さん coming!
It's look same as well her picture on facebook :)
(I know her via facebook because of our same interest Nothing's Carved In Stone band, She help me alot! Specially for got all concert tickets what I want)
Nice to meet you S-さん.
S-さん is cute and fashionable also, her english is good than me, I bet :) She directly gave me a packet Amuro Namie Playbutton that I bought from Indonesia used her address and also NCIS and Dream Festival ticekts 2012
And I told her, to bring me to Book off (I'm searching for moumoon and CHiAKi KURiYAMA but only got CHiAKi Album's LE version with nice price), Tower Record (looking for Goliath's album but zero this album only sold by tower because they're pure indie. So I only buy my friend order BIG MAMA DVD), Daiso, and Internet cafe :)
Seems she not really know the location she used gps from her phone, and the funny thing happen at Internet Cafe :D
our stupid experience moment XD~
I need take a shower before the concert (kan mau ketemu abang2 harus cakep donk *lol*), and the only one that I think is useable to take a shower on public is Internet cafe. Glad I'm with S-さん. All the staff at Internet cafe can't understand eigo for real, so S-さん told the staff and we come in, S-さん told me where and how I can use the shower. OK I get it and enterd one of the room that S-さん mention before.
... almost finish, & I was drying my hair, suddenly someone wants to enter my room, HUH?! Panic a bit, I knocked the door from the inside (I just don't know how to said "there are people in the here" with nihongo, so at least the person know it) , then a few minute later the phone on this room rang, What, doh what should I do,... I understand nihongo (>,<), okay okay, I pick the phone, the woman over there spoke fast with nihongo errrrr... and I just said "gomen, nihongo mada-mada heta" and I hung up. Quickly I grab my all things and go out, and meet S-さん, and told her what happen.
But and same time the staff come and talk with S-さん.... after the staff leave S-さん apologize to me (eh?!!), So the mention the wrong room to me (and I looked the keys, & the room... AH! pantes tadi showernya gag bisa pake timer). And the staff also said, I can continue freely if I'm not yet finish. And I said I'm done, it's OK don't apologize to me, this is funny experience hahahahaha.
Funny really :D

Then our journey continue, She bring us to okonomiyaki restaurant, She ordered the okonomiyaki without pork, yakisoba and seafood okonomiyaki :)

While eating, I also prepared and wrapped omiyage for abang-abang NCIS (sebungkus indomie rendang, cokodot duren, dan masing-masing goods: Abang Hinatch gantungan kunci kura2 Bali, Abang Taku sebunggus rokok raison *karena gmbrnya ada kucingnya, dan tempelan magnet kucing Bali, Abang Oniy gantungan papan seluncur Bali, dan Leader postcard Bali dan gw tulisan makasih udah ngebentuk NCIS).

Almost 05.00 pm (JPT) , S-さん told me, Hinatch tweet about NCIS already sold the goods at Namba Hatch, oh I must hurry!
I bought some NCIS goods :)

Last week at なんばHatch, #Osaka #Japan I Watched #NCIS @NCIS_BANDS #Nothing'sCarvedInStone Live's (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

Last week at なんばHatch, #Osaka #Japan I Watched #NCIS @NCIS_BANDS #Nothing&apos;sCarvedInStone Live&apos;s (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
^T-shirt, keychain, towel, bag, sticker, and brooch-pin.
Then went to coin locker put all my luggage~ and waiting otuside....doki-doki...
And finally the time is come, gate is open, the staff called the ticket numer, while our ticket is around 500 (>,<)
Then our chance is up but before we run to 2nd floor, We gave my omiyage to the staff , thank you S-さん.
(and also buy the drink, ini bisa diambil juga setelah konser koq)
Inside the Namba Hatch venue, I stand on Hinatch posision (left-side) not quite far from the stage, & S-さん is far behind me, I wonder...why... but I know the reason when they come out and bring the 1st song Spirit Inspiration WAAAAAAAAA (>,<) All peope/fans around me going crazy the moshing, jump, and headbang lively! OMG! I can't stay peacely ...

my foot stepped on and my body is automatically pushed to the back coz all those energic fans, and also they keep running turn back around me with full of sweating~
The concert continue (the full setlist you can see here), glad they bring PUPA &
Scarred Soul really enjoy it, I only concentration to abang Hinatch, his fingers and smile sooooooooooo amazed! (///,///) , sorry for Taku, Leader and Oniy, I can't see you (TT^TT)
Namba Hatch is final tour, I wonder it's a bit strange coz they always (every year, even 2013) put tokyo for the best final-last perf. idk why 2012 they put Osaka on final.. if I may over-confidence, is it because of me? I always told them (via twitter), begging them to hold the concert on Osaka last Sept over and over, hope this is the answer :) Because I really do want fulfil my promises to Taku and others. And too bad Words That Bind Us not bring by them ~after they bring double encore (special!) The concert is over ahhh
this is so quick, I want more!!! Abang-abang huhuhu.

They not notice me, no wonder, I can't concact them via twitter before the show, and the venue I don't have the courage to yell who I'm huhuhu poor me~ can't help it, this is over, and before I left Namba Hatch and Osaka to go to Tokyo tonight, S-さん and I took picture together in front the Namba Hatch. And she accompany me to Namba OCat, and we separate, and say bai-bai...I'll miss you!

I sit and waiting for the bis. The bis will taking me to Umeda and go to Tokyo.
The bis willerekspress to Tokyo that I got is not compact relax (like previous before) but normal type. I'm ok with the type but not the seat number. When I entered and follow the number is kinda confuse & weird, Idk I feel that way...
1st, why around me is man... no women, and when my seat pather, beside me is also man WHAT??? how can... ans He also look confuse, I ask him.. he said my seat is wrong eh?? I counting again, but... arghhh its better I ask to the staff and I request to show me the seat, and right my seat is the right behind wew~ all around me is girls and my pather beside me is also girl :)
Now I can sleep peacely see ya Osaka, Namba (miss you already) and see you soon Tokyo.
complete photos here
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