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Crazy mind? Not really, But 2013 I want back to Japan again!
Got this planning after disappointed can't watch my Queen, TANTE Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵)....
She cancelled Singapore concert on April 2013, 2 weeks before the day.... sad-bad.. (TT^TT) all fans blame the local promoter, so lack~
So I still want to see her this year no matter what!
Then, (bak gayung bersambut) She announcement new album release on 2013.07.10 means~!!!!
New tour will coming up too, and of course this year definitely, no doubt!
And, Yatta, match on my plan, going to Japan on my birthday! YAY!!!

OK let's begin to prepare anything! Specially Her ticket concert it must be hard to get it... since she's so famous in Japan! Indeed.
Like last year and usually I need help from my nijonjin friend, S-さん <3
Glad no objections from her for all I needed. My 2013 schedule is Oct, 31st until Nov, 9 or 10th.

Last year, I rushed to bought flight ticket directly, when I knew NCIS schedule. Not early bid tho, but bought on June when the concert on Oct isn't good strategy. Because after June I recheck again around September the flight ticket more cheaper (>,<)
So this time, I want make sure to get 安室奈美恵 ticket's 1st.
S-さん tired everything for get TANTE amuro ticket's, 1st general sales, special code from new album, 2nd general sale, all failed!
wew~ wondering should I bid/buy from but can't find the right one for me, price, seat number, or ticket quantity ... wew~
suddenly (iseng)
Recheck on (if not mistaken) e+ or (yeah kind of it), I saw the standing ticket still available 'limited'. Me hurry up told S-さん what should we do? buy or not? S-さん suggested, to take it, since is normal price 7,500円, and We'll grab it for sure! OK *nods
Then on Aug, 12 I got the 安室奈美恵 ticket's! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ joget2 wait~calm, not only that,
I got another, Rip Slyme, Straightener, Orange Range, and [champagne] tickets concert ( ̄▽ ̄) ,only 1 ticket again yet I get, is 嵐. (yup Arashi!)

Regarding what I read from someone Indonesian LJ tips & trick to get a cheap 嵐 ticket , here
so calm for them (^^), will chasing later ... just try to monitor the ticket price at .
So next target is airplane ticket. 1st I was planing to flight with Garuda Indonesia, OK It's expensive, yeah for real, around US$800 something~ haha but idk my friend credit cards always rejected, not about the limit.. hmm and when I checked air asia (recently the price is 6.000.000idr, that's why I prefer garuda indonesia) but suddenly I saw only 4.000.000 (around trip/without baggage or meal)
OK BOOKED at the moment on Sept, 23rd. hahaha

Then see later about my trip at japan on 2013 Day-1 (^^)v

note: [champage] changed their named became [alexandros] , such a weird name....(=_=);
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